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Hot Swimsuits Trend

Hot swimsuits are important parts of every summer wear. As the generic viagra vega 100mg india summer of 2014 is approaching quickly, there is no better time to shop for those hot swimsuits for women. In fact, I figure that you could get a much cheaper price in the tabagie sp cialis e swimsuit market today than if you wait until spring approaches. Whether you plan to go to some exotic place for a vacation this summer or just spending the days at local pools, nothing screams summer like the colorful swimsuits on a hot day at the beach or pool.


Hot Swimsuits

The 2014 collection of hot swimsuits does not see many changes from the previous years’. Swimsuits with bold colors and discount drug viagra xenical celebrex propecia daring patterns are still the norm for anyone wanting to be the focus of attention. Flirty reds, purples and pinks will illuminate your best assets and hide your flaws mercilessly. Triangle-based textures are big this year, although flower and viagra prescription under nhs guidelines geographic patterns are also as popular as ever.


Hot Swimsuits 2014

Mix and match to find the best color combinations for your hot swimsuits from the abundance of choices available in the market today. Basically, any bold colors will look great with white or black patterns on it. You could also opt for swimsuits with patterns on a bolder shade of next day shipping cialis the same color. Cheerful colors are best to express your summer joy, although black and blue are ever the classics.

Hot Swimsuits of 2014 Based on Style

Two pieces hot swimsuits are always big every summer, but they come at more variations and new trends this year. Bikini tops with sporty style are the cialis pills online classic, but if you want something that is in trend this year, add in damsel demi bikini tops or Hollywood halter tops to your collection. If you are in the mood to stand out and be different, cheap cialis strips sale online try the beach cruiser push up bikini for elegant look. Choose a bikini bottom that will match your top in color and pattern or you can simply wear a bikini bottom with a neutral color that will not clash with the cheerful top.

hot-swimsuits 2014

hot-swimsuits 2014

For those preferring hot one piece swimsuits, choices also come in abundance. Bandeau and halter style is big this year, purchase viagra new zealand giving you a more feminine touch without limiting your movements. This style of hot swimsuits is also great for all body types, as it could hide your curves without covering up your greater assets. Choose from the many halter styles available this year: the wrapped, mid-halter or asymmetrical style instead of viagra online new zealand the traditional V-neck style. There are also different styles for the bottom, with shorts or skirts being the most popular style after the classic bikini bottom brief style.

How to Choose Hot Swimsuits?

In spite of the abundance of choices for hot swimsuits, you will not be able to fully enjoy your purchase if you do not know how to pick the best swimsuits that will flatter your figure. To pick the best swimsuit for your figure, you will first need to generic cialis information know your body type. There are generally four body types commonly found in women: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass-shaped and banana-shaped. Pear-shaped women are usually big in the hips measurement, with smaller chest and waist areas. Apple-shaped women are the complete opposite of pear-shaped women,


how to choose swimsuits

with their chest area significantly bigger than their waists and hips. Hourglass-shaped women have big measurements for both their chests and hips with smaller measurement for their waists. Banana-shaped women do not have much difference in measurements of their chests, waists and hips.

To have hot swimsuits that will flatter your figure, analyze which parts of your body that you want to highlight and those you want to hide. Areas that you want to highlight should be covered with bright colors and patterns. Solid colors are best for the areas you want to hide. Add volumes to your chest or hip by choosing swimsuits with ruffles in the area. Shirred or crunched fabrics are better for hiding areas with extra volume. Fair skinned ladies would benefit more from darker colored swimsuits, while dark-skinned ones would look better with bright colored swimwear.

Hot Swimsuits Cuts

The cuts of your hot swimsuits will also affect your look in it. One-piece swimsuits or vintage high-waisted bikini bottoms will make your look slimmer in the waist area, especially if you combine it with dark color. A tankini will highlight your waist instead, but it is great in drawing eyes away from your chest and your hips. If you want to enlarge your hips area to match your chest, then consider boy shorts. To make your legs look longer, choose bikini bottom with high cut instead.

hot swimsuits cut

hot swimsuits cut

Attracting eyes to your chest area is easy with halter tops, triangle tops and bikini tops that are tied at the front. Bandeau tops will be a great enhancer in that area, especially if combined with ruffles or other details. Hot swimsuits with large straps are better for those with large chests, as they will give better support and prevent wardrobe malfunction. It is also suggested that you choose tops with under wire and thicker chest bands.

Other Important Tips in Picking Hot Swimsuits

There are also other things to consider when shopping for hot swimsuits besides matching the style to your body type and choosing the right type. The first thing to consider is the swimsuit store you go to. This is especially true for those looking for hot plus size swimsuits. Knowing which stores sell a plus size line would be an advantage. Do some online researches beforehand because these stores tend to have more options for you.

plete opposite of pear-shaped women,

Good Hot Swimsuits

Expensive does not always come equal with good quality, so never based your choice on price only. Choose the pieces that will flatter your figure but also offer you the most comfort and allow you to move freely in them. Make sure that the size fits without being too loose, as swimsuits tend to get larger when wet, but never choose the ones that are too small either. Bulging skin is never flattering, and a swimsuit of proper size will help you avoiding that. Last but not least, bring a friend or two for your hot swimsuits shopping as you might need their opinions on your choices.

How to Choose Designer Swimsuits

Designer swimsuits have started to fill the racks in preparation for the summer. Available in huge selections, you can choose from practically any color, patterns and silhouettes. Trends in year do not change much from the previous years, although designers have tried to increase your choices with many additional patterns and styles that were not … Continue reading